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A Child’s Garden of Standards – California Department of Education

A Guide to Gardening with Children – John O’Brien

Bugs – Rosie Dickins

Children’s Gardens – L.A. County Cooperative Extension, Elizabeth Bremner & John Pusey

Clara Caterpillar – Pamela Duncan Edwards

Compost Cutters – Blanca Lewis

Cultivating a Child’s Imagination Through Gardening - Nancy Allen Jurenka and Rosanne J. Blass

Cultural Uses of Plants - Gabriell DeBear Paye

Dig, Plant, Grow: A Kid’s Guide to Gardening – Felder Rushing

Digger Deeper – Joseph Keifer & Martin Kemple

Ecology for All Ages – Jorge Hunken

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Photo Cards, #001650 – California Dept. of Education

From Seed to Plant – Gail Gibbons

Fun with Gardening: 50 Great Projects Kids Can Plant Themselves - Clare Bradley

Gardening with Children – Morika Hannemann

Grow Lab – National Gardening Association, Eve Pranis & Jay Cohen

Health and Nutrition from the Garden – Jr. Master Gardener Golden Ray Series

How Flowers Grow – Emma Helbrough

How to Grow a School Garden: A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers - Arden Bucklin-Sporer and Ra

How to Grow More Vegetables – John Jeavons

How to Teach Nutrition to Kids – Connie Evers

In the Three Sisters Garden #11-4019– National Gardening Associations

Kids Cook Farm Fresh Food, #001547 – California Dept. of Education

Let’s Get Growing – Joel Rapp

Miss Ladybird’s Wildflowers – Kathi Appelt, Joy Fisher Hein

Naturalist Intelligence (Science in the Schoolyard) - Jenna Glock, Susan Wertz, and Maggie Meyer

New Junior Garden book – Felder Rushing

No Student Left Indoors: Creating a Field Guide to your Schoolyard - Jane Kirkland

Nutrition to Grow-On, #001512 – California Dept. of Education

Oliver’s Vegetables – Vivian French

Outdoor Science: A Practical Guide - Steve Rich

Pumpkins – Mary Lynn Ray, Barry Root

Rare Fruits for School Garden Reference - Master Gardener Association

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots: Gardening Together with Children – Sharon Lovejoy

Schoolyard Mosaics - How to Grow a School Garden: A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers - The Na

Science Through Multiple Intelligences - Robert Barkman

Seeds of Change: Learning from the Garden #11-4128– National Gardening Association

Sharing Nature with Children - Joseph Cornell

Southern California Native Plants for School Gardens – Betsy Landis
For the convenience of teachers, the Southern California Native Plants for School & Urban Gardens book has been split into three sections and saved as four separate pdf files (Section II: Planting has been split into two files because it is too big to conveniently download as one file). These files in part or as a whole are free to educators, those working on school garden projects, and those working on public urban garden sites. Go to this link to print the free guide.
Squirmy Wormy Composters – Bobbie Kalman & Janine Schaub

Starting Gardening – Sue Johnson & Cheryl Evans

Sunflower House – Eve Bunting, Kathryn Hewitt

Sunflower Houses - Sharon Lovejoy

Taking Center Stage: Standards – Based Education for California Middle Grade Students - Californi

The Free Farmer – Chuck Leavell, Nicholas Cravotta

The Kid's Nature Book - Susan Milord

The Pumpkin Blanket – Deborah Zagwyn

The Victory Garden Kids’ Book – Marjorie Waters

Water, Weed, and Wait - Edith Hope Fine and Angela Demos Halpin

What Shall I Grow? – Ray Gibson

Worms Eat our Garbage – Mary Appelhof