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2014 Spring Seminar

By Sue Lasbury

The UCCE Master Gardener Program of San Diego County Spring Seminar held on March 22, 2014 was a huge success. Over 600 people registered for 21 garden related classes, everything from Pat Welch's focus on improving garden soil to John Beaudry's instructions on designing a bungalow garden. It was clearly nirvana for San Diego's garden community. The beautiful County of San Diego Operations Center, where the seminar was held, feels and looks more like a warm and welcoming college campus than a government installation.

Participants commented on the luxury of having so much open space. Plenty of room for strolling along the Marketplace, people watching with a cup of really good coffee, and lots of demonstrations to peruse staffed by Master Gardeners. We had three demonstrations this year, including one on drip irrigation, vermiculture and compost. We also had an "Ask a Master Gardener" table where guests could present their garden concerns to be resolved by knowledgeable experts.

Just a few days following the seminar, we sent out an e-blast seminar evaluation to all registered participants. So far 95.9% of the respondents said they would recommend the seminar to their family and friends. We also asked for comments and we received many. We've randomly selected these three.

  • "I was so pleased with this event. It was very well organized; from the signs on the street directing me to signs at the event; great folder with my schedule on the front. Each Master Gardener with whom I interacted was incredibly friendly and helpful. All of my seminars were great. I was very impressed with this event."

  • "An outstanding event all around! Well done. The only frustration I heard people talk about was their inability to take all the classes they would like. That's a good problem to have unless we want to do this more than once a year, or run it for multiple days which I think would be too much."

  • "I have heard Greg Rubin before. He did not disappoint. Thanks to Lucy Warren for the great hand outs. As Greg said, she is very organized and compliments his "golf ball in a shower" personality. I enjoyed Pat Welsh too. She is delightful and so knowledgeable. Nan Sterman presented information that would be hard to come by, except by the school of hard knocks, with regard to what works best and the best buys for drip irrigation."

Please join us for future Master Gardener seminars. We have a Fall event scheduled for September 20, 2014 at Casa Del Prado, Room 101 in Balboa Park. Stay tuned for more information on this event.