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Tip 3: It'll Be There Tomorrow

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The ERGO Gardener:
A Series of Ergonomic Gardening Tips
Tip 3: It'll Be There Tomorrow

By Kathy Jones

This tip comes indirectly from my good friend Casey Sparrow, who grew up on a ranch. Whenever I would wail that I had so much to do in any given day, he would always say, “I bet it’ll still be there tomorrow if you don’t do it all today.”

If you have a big task in the garden, break it into smaller bits, and don’t feel that they all must be done in one session. The earth moves in its own rhythm; very little is done in a thunderclap of time. Over days or weeks, crops and flowers sprout and mature, and so it is with our garden tasks. Give yourself time to do them so they don't overly tax the body. And give yourself time to enjoy your garden, too. 

Kathy Jones is a retired professor in exercise and wellness. A San Diego Master Gardener for 7 years, she is also a graphic artist and copy writer for local clubs and businesses. She is past president of the Mission Hills Garden Club and the Mission Hills Town Council. She has spent the last six years renovating her own 100-year-old garden to incorporate more drought-tolerant plants.