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Autumn in the Garden Tour & Market

On Oct. 1, “Autumn in the Garden Tour & Market” will highlight seven home gardens owned and tended by Master Gardeners in the scenic Point Loma area. In addition, the school garden at Explorer Elementary Charter School @ Liberty Station also will be featured on the tour, the first ever sponsored by the San Diego Master Gardener Association.









Tickets go on sale August 1. Cost is $20 ($25 on tour day). Purchase them online at www.MasterGardenersSanDiego.org/gardentour .

Here’s a preview of the seven gardens on the tour.

  • Hanna’s Garden
    This garden has a diverse collection of plants including herbs, vegetables, fruit trees and California natives. Jim’s (Hanna’s husband) lath house complements the garden and contains orchids, epiphyllums and staghorn ferns.

  • Cindy’s Garden
    This beach cottage garden has been transformed into a sustainable and water- wise landscape. It features drought-tolerant plants, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

  • Lynlee’s Garden
    The design and plantings in this garden are based on sustainability. It is the only garden on the street without a lawn. In the front garden, succulents circle palm trees. The back garden includes a courtyard with a collection of potted succulents.

  • Nan’s Garden
    This garden has been transformed into an outdoor living room with an entertainment area near the swimming pool. It also includes a potager or kitchen garden and a compost heap, both located in the back of the garden.

  • Julie’s Garden
    In this garden, companion plantings include edibles, perennials and succulents. An inviting courtyard introduces this compact garden that shows how vertical gardening increases the visual appeal of a small space.

  • Nancy’s Garden
    This contemporary coastal garden is planted with an abundance of California natives and water-wise plantings. The canopy of a 100-year-old ficus tree shades a gazebo in the lovely back garden. This garden is another grass-free approach to garden design.
  • Karan’s Garden
    Plantings in this garden are complemented by sculptural art pieces and the architecture of the home. The plantings provide a restful and calming ambience. A vegetable garden is an added highlight of the garden.

  • Explorer Elementary Charter School @ Liberty Station
    Master Gardener school garden consultants work with teachers and parents to advise and assist children with their garden projects that are themed for their curriculum. A native garden, heritage garden, butterfly garden, perennials, fruit trees, blueberries, grapes, and several raised vegetable beds are all in a small space.

Photos by Meredith French