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Meet Spring Seminar Instructor Elizabeth Podsiadlo

By Kathy Jones

chef elizabethChef, author, teacher and musician, Elizabeth Podsiadlo has been entertaining audiences all over San Diego for more than 15 years in both her cooking classes and musical performances.  She has been a guest on KPBS’ These Days and appears regularly on Channel 6 where she promotes her cooking classes, book signings and concerts. 

She also has written two cooking novels that contain mystery, intrigue and lots of recipes. 

Chef Elizabeth will be giving a class on cooking with produce for the Spring seminar. Click here to learn more about her class and to register for it.

We chatted recently at a nursery where she was getting special chicken manure for her herb garden.

How did you become a chef/author/gardener?

I began as a personal chef many years ago, but found it too solitary a job for me. I started doing home-show cooking demos, and one day I was singing as I was getting ready for my show, and a woman suggested I should sing during the show itself. Now I sing as I teach. I teach cooking classes once a month at San Diego Botanical Garden.

How does the singing integrate into your classes?

I usually sing something toward the end of my demo classes. What I sing depends on the food being prepared, my mood, and my voice that day.

Tell me about your books?

They are ghost stories/mysteries. The characters are chefs who love to garden, and each book takes place in a different season and locale, and has a different culinary genre.  The first book took place in winter and had soups as a theme, and the second was in the fall, and had French and German foods. I’m working on the third one, which will be in the Southwest. The recipes are of course integral to the plot. The second book, “The Last Aria,” has an accompanying CD with music, so the reader can participate by doing the recipes and listening to the music.

What will you be doing for the seminar?

I’ll be teaching Cooking with Produce from the Garden, including bean stuffed cabbage rolls, kale soup, and strawberry bread. In my classes, I teach people to make things from scratch, using fresh foods, pulling things from garden, or finding things locally at farmers markets.

My website, www.theoperasingingchef.com, showcases my recipes, books, CDs, and cooking demo schedule. I also sell handmade cooking tools along with my herbs, and have a booth at the Del Mar Farmer’s Market.

Kathy Jones, Ph.D., is a retired professor in exercise and wellness. A San Diego Master Gardener for 7 years, she is also a graphic artist and copy writer for local clubs and businesses. She is past president of the Mission Hills Garden Club and the Mission Hills Town Council. She has spent the last six years renovating her own 100-year-old garden to incorporate more drought-tolerant plants.