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Expand Your Gardening Know-How at the
Master Gardener Spring Home Gardening Seminar

In the Seminar Marketplace: Birdhouses, Books, Plants and Much More
Meet Spring Seminar Instructor Bob Perry
Meet Spring Seminar Instructor Elizabeth Podsiadlo
Meet Spring Seminar Instructor Phyllis Carey
GROW CHARD: It's Easy and Nutritious
First Master Gardener Garden Tour
Set for Oct. 1

The ERGO Gardener
First Aid for Broken Limbs
Wind Damage on Citrus

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Expand Your Gardening Know-How at the
Master Gardener Spring Home Gardening Seminar

Join us on April 2 for the 21st Annual Master Gardener Spring Home Gardening seminar.
Since 1991, this daylong event has been about educating and inspiring gardeners, young and old, experienced and newcomers.  For this year’s event held on the beautiful USD campus, we have put together an exemplary lineup of expert speakers and timely classes. 

Our seminar instructions and topics include the following:

  • Marcia Van Loy, UC Master Gardener, on “Attracting Birds, Hummingbirds and Butterflies to Your Garden”
  • Pat Welsh, horticulturalist and award winning author, on "Growing Summer Vegetables the Organic Way"
  • “Chef Elizabeth” Podsiadlo, The Opera Singing Chef, on “From the Garden to Your Table"
  • Sharon McCray, UC Master Gardener, on “Understanding our Soils and Simple Ways to Improve Them”
  • Jim Mumford, Certified Landscape and green roof professional, on “Successful ‘Green’ Living Walls”
  • Nan Sterman, author and horticultural consultant, on “Incredible! Edible, Waterwise and Beautiful”

You can check out the entire program for all 27 classes offered at this year’s seminar at www.mastergardenerssandiego.org .   And you can register and pay for classes on line.