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The ERGO Gardener

By Kathy Jones

As you start a new year in the garden, Dig It! is starting a new series to help you garden ergonomically.

Tip 1: Warm Up

If you exercise, you know you’re supposed to warm up first, right? The same is true for gardening, which can be a lot of hard work. So before you go out in the garden, complete a short warm-up that will help prevent injuries or strains.

  1. Take 10 slow, deep breaths. Lift your arms as you inhale, and bring them down when you exhale.
  2.  Do 10 wide arm circles, forward and backward.
  3.  Lift your knees, alternating, 10 times per side.
  4.  Shift hips side to side, 10 times.
  5. With knees slightly bent, reach arms toward the floor, bending from the waist. Hold for 20 seconds.
  6. Finish with 5 slow standing twists to right and left, elbows bent.

Now you’re good to go!

Kathy Jones, Ph.D., is a retired professor in exercise and wellness. A San Diego Master Gardener for 7 years, she is also a graphic artist and copy writer for local clubs and businesses. She is past president of the Mission Hills Garden Club and the Mission Hills Town Council. She has spent the last six years renovating her own 100-year-old garden to incorporate more drought-tolerant plants.