Session 9. Citrus and Avocados

Gary Bender

gary bender

Gary Bender has been the commercial tree crops advisor for UC Cooperative Extension in San Diego County since 1985.  He has a B.Sc. degree in biological sciences from UC Irvine, and a Master’s and Ph.D. from UC Riverside in plant pathology.  He specializes in avocado root rot control, canopy management of avocados, irrigation requirements for avocado, and invasive pests of citrus and avocado.  He has also had research projects with cherimoya, blueberries, litchis, longans and pitahaya.  He is currently working on developing the best pruning method for avocados grown on high density spacing, and he is developing the irrigation crop coefficient for Gold Nugget mandarins.  Gary has also been a 4H dairy goat and pygmy goat leader, and community leader for the Fallbrook 4H Club.


Tracy Kahn

TracyKahnKahn received her Ph.D. from UC Riverside in 1987. She is principal museum scientist in the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences and a lecturer in the Department of Biology. She conducts research evaluating the commercial potential of new citrus varieties and provides a myriad of extension activities on citrus for the industry and the public.


Advanced Preparation

  • Read Chapters 17 and 18
  • Take quiz for Chapters 17 and 18