Session 2: Orientation with Scott Parker


ScottParkerScott Parker

University of California Cooperative Extension

Welcome to the Master Gardener Association of San Diego Class of 2014. We have an ambitious training course lined up for you. Scott Parker, the University of California Cooperative Extension coordinator for the Master Gardener Program in San Diego County is scheduled to be our first trainer. He will introduce you to the University of California policies with regards to volunteers and give you some background about our program. To prepare for his talk, I would recommend that you read Chapter 1, An Overview of the California Master Gardener Program, in the California Master Gardener Handbook Second Edition. We will be meeting in the Training Room (Room 120, Building 5500) at 9:00 A.M.

Advanced Preparation

  • Read Chapter 1 of your Handbook
  • PowerPoint Notes
  • Presentation Video