Judy’s Acronyms and Terminologies

JudyMacKenzieIt has been brought to our attention that we throw around numerous acronyms that might leave you wondering what we are talking about. Here is a list of acronyms we might use.



  • ANR. University of California Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. (http://ucanr.edu/About_ANR/What_is_ANR/) UCANR is the bridge between local issues and the power of UC Research.
  • MGASD. Master Gardener Association of San Diego County. (http://www.mastergardenerssandiego.org/about.php) Volunteer organization to provide UC research based information about horticulture.
  • Portal. (Secure Login required.) Links to the support materials to help Master Gardeners provided by the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • UCANR. See ANR.
  • VMS. Volunteer Management System. (http://ucanr.edu/sites/vmshelp/) An online system UC Master Gardener volunteers and coordinators to manage time (hours), projects, newsletters, documents, and photo albums
  • WUCOLS. Water Use Classification of Landscape Species. (http://ucanr.edu/sites/WUCOLS/) A database of landscape plants which lists the irrigation water requirements of over 3,500 taxa. It is based on the observations and extensive field experience of thirty-six landscape horticulturists.